Cast Iron Crack Repair

Cast Iron Crack repair using a special process known as Metal Stitching. Metal stitching is a cold worked process thus insuring no heat warpage occurs. Metal Stiching Cast Iron Crack repair is an ideal solution for repair cracks in many cast iron components.

  • Marine Engine Blocks Crack Repair
  • Marine Engine Cylinder Heads Crack Repair
  • Construction Equipment Engine Blocks Crack Repair
  • Construction Equipment Cylinder Heads Crack Repair
  • Tractor Trailer Trucks and Semi Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads Crack Repair
  • Large Diesel Generator Engine Blocks and Cylinder Heads Crack Repair
Metal Stiching Cast Irons crack repair involves drilling and tapping a series of wholes the length of the centerline of the crack and than threading in special "pins" in the series of holes. The pins overlap each other and form and tight, strong repair of the cast iron crack. 

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